Declining Cognitive Function and Emotional Wellbeing


Did you know that optimism and psychological well being improves heart health? Men with these characteristics tend to live a healthier lifestyle, to be more active, and to avoid negative behaviors. However, men who have Low Testosterone (Low T) levels have decreased energy, declining cognitive function, a diminished interest in exercise and their love life, and […]

Muscle Loss and Weight Gain

Image of a young man's muscular ab area while he pinches a roll of fat

Muscle loss and subsequent weight gain are two of the most common symptoms of Low Testosterone. Testosterone increases muscle protein synthesis, but low testosterone hinders the process of muscle building causing muscles to shrink in size. Men who are treated for low testosterone with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) will experience an increase in muscle mass. […]

Sexual Function Problems

Black and white image of a couple laying together in bed with eyes closed symbolizing distress over sexual function problems

Most men who contact TRTMD are experiencing sexual function problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED) to some degree. What we mean is that if your erections are not as firm or as long lasting as they were in your younger years, then you are seeing the beginning stages of ED. Most men report that their […]