Sandra’s Weight Loss Story

TRT MD, before and after of Sandra

Sandra is a testament to testosterone being just as important for woman as it is for men. She was suffering from low sex drive and lack of energy; her weight loss had hit a plateau and she wanted to find a solution once and for all. At her thorough consultation with TRTMD, Dr. VanAntwerp explained […]

Mike’s Testosterone & Growth Hormone Therapy Testimonial


Mike has always been an active guy. In his youth, he was athletic and could outperformed most. But then something happened: he started to feel fatigued after having done less; he was getting winded quicker; and he wasn’t seeing the results at the gym that he was used to. Mike McReady is a testament to […]

Hormone Therapy and Integrative Medicine

Hormone replacement therapy isn’t about becoming macho or a “manly man”; it is only a part of the larger integrative medicine mission of TRT MD. Yes, TRT can help increase libido and physical strength, but it can do so much more than that. Patrick Brink is a living testament to this statement. Meet Patrick Patrick […]