Mike’s Testosterone & Growth Hormone Therapy Testimonial

Mike’s Testosterone & Growth Hormone Therapy Testimonial

Mike has always been an active guy. In his youth, he was athletic and could outperformed most. But then something happened: he started to feel fatigued after having done less; he was getting winded quicker; and he wasn’t seeing the results at the gym that he was used to.

Mike McReady is a testament to TRT MD’s integrative medicine approach to wellness. We wish we could say that we found him, but it was the other way around. Mike was being diligent and doing his research when he came across our website. The symptoms we listed for having low testosterone really resonated with him.

He had seen his general physician and cardiological, both of whom told him his symptoms were just a product of getting older, but Mike knew something else was going.

After taking nearly a dozen vials of blood and testing them for things like vitamin deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, and cholesterol, we validated Mike’s gut feeling.

We quickly put together a treatment plan and within the first month, he was seeing a return to his usual bad-ass self. His gym performance was at an all-time high, the fatigue faded away, and his sex drive was in full gear.

Now, two years later, he’s loving life and thanking TRT MD for re-engaging his alpha male

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