Immune System Support

Peptides Boost Ability to Fight Infections

Testosterone Replacement Therapy can be a useful tool to promote immune system support. TRTMD provides immune system boosting peptides that actively seek out and destroy viruses and bacteria while upregulating healing processes in the body. CALL TRTMD today at (410) 412-3183 with any questions and to book a tele-consultation with Dr. Ross VanAntwerp.

What are Peptides?

Peptides are similar to stem cells that have the ability to replace specialized cells that are damaged or lost. They are short chains of amino acids (protein building blocks) that are able to exert many biological effects such as combating the aging process, providing immune system support, helping with weight loss and muscle development, and dramatically reducing systemic inflammation.

Peptide Therapies

TRTMD offers customized peptide treatment plans to help patients restore the proper function of organs and hormone regulation. Peptides are linked amino acids that initiate or mimic certain natural biologic functions. Peptides are used to treat the skin, brain, gut, organs, vascular tissue, and muscles in addition to treating diabetes, obesity, anxiety, low libido, hair loss and insomnia, degenerative cognitive disorders, and many other diseases.

Weight Loss

Many individuals with low testosterone find themselves losing muscle and gaining weight. Growth hormone peptides can promote both weight loss and muscle gain to reverse these effects. Most people suffering from obesity are afflicted with inflammation as well. Weight loss patients are first treated with about a month’s worth of anti-inflammatory peptides. The GH peptides aid restorative sleep, muscle repair, and they promote lean muscle mass.