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Your Memory Weakens and Mood Changes

Associated with depression, fatigue, memory difficulties

Your Heart Could Be At Risk

Worsening cholesterol profile, increased risk of heart disease

Your Muscles Shrink

Muscle loss, body aches, and prolonged recovery time from exercise

Your Belly Grows

Increased belly fat and decreased muscle tone

Your Sex Drive Disappears

Diminished sexual desire, decreased erectile function, and decreased penile size

Your Bones Weaken

Can cause join pain and weakened bones

What is Low T?

With your 25th high school reunion behind you and the kids becoming more independent, your fifties should bring you new opportunities aplenty.

Unfortunately, many men lack the energy to pursue them. Low T is often a major factor in the declining health of men over 50-years-old. Luckily, testosterone replacement therapy for males over 50 is the answer. Typically, testosterone levels are suppressed by multiple factors including NSAIDS (Motrin, etc.), OTC and prescription antacid medications and opioid pain medicines.  The manifestation of low T includes weight gain (especially belly fat), decreasing libido, erectile dysfunction, muscle loss, fatigue, and body aches.  For many men, testosterone balancing restores the excitement and joy of life. Not ready for your fifties to slow you down? Testosterone replacement therapy for males over 50 is here to help.  Contact TRTMD Men’s Health Clinic and speed the 50’s up.

A Physician First

Dr. Ross VanAntwerp

Dual Board Certification in Internal Medicine and Clinical Preventive Medicine
Professor of Medicine at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Clinical Fellow at Johns Hopkins University

Male Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Testosterone therapy for males over 50 benefits includes increased energy and strength, increased muscle mass, decreased osteoporosis, improved cholesterol profile, lowered blood sugars, improved sexual function, and increased longevity.

A decrease in sex drive or erectile dysfunction suggests low T. Other symptoms include decreased energy or strength, decreased enjoyment of life, sadness or grumpiness, falling asleep after dinner, or a recent loss in work performance. The Adam Questionnaire is a sensitive tool used to screen for low T.

Frequently Asked Questions

I was placed on Androgel-how is that different from what you provide?

It is difficult to maintain consistent levels of testosterone with topical gels and creams. Topical therapy also puts your loved ones at risk of contamination through contact with you. Finally, topical testosterone may cause higher levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is associated with benign prostatic hypertrophy, male pattern baldness and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

I heard that TRT will make my testes stop functioning and shrink, is this true?

Testosterone therapy by itself (testosterone monotherapy) will reduce testicular function. Dr. VanAntwerp’s first goal is often to restore normal testicular function through supportive therapy (such as hCG, clomiphene citrate, and/or supplements). When testosterone therapy is indicated we also accompany that with medications that maintain and optimize testicular function.

I may need testosterone which is considered an anabolic steroid-does that mean that I’m going to get “Roid Rage?”

“Roid Rage” is a myth. People exhibiting so called “Roid Rage” are often self medicating gym rats who are on a multitude of illegal substances without any oversight from a physician. Don’t be this guy!

Meet with Our Doctor

Dr. Ross VanAntwerp

A pioneer in the field of laser surgery, Dr. Ross VanAntwerp has provided patients with the latest in laser technology since 1989.


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I found that I had reached a plateau in my physical conditioning, was generally tired, and had reduced levels of energy. After careful consultation with me and in review of my lab work, Dr. VanAntwerp started me on a course of testosterone treatment. I have found that I wear my belt on the 4th hole, instead of the first; I have lost fifteen pounds, and have leaned up greatly; and that my energy levels are on the rise again. In addition to the physical benefits described, I have found my mood to be more positive, and have seen phenomenal changes in my blood work - my lipid numbers are significantly better, there has been no change in my PSA score, and overall my blood chemistry is much closer to normal than it has been in a long time.


The staff is great, I trust their medical advice and care, and they treat me like family. It is well worth looking in to this course of treatment if you are in a rut, work in a stressful occupation, or find yourself a half-step behind how you used to be.