Lauren’s Testimonial

Lauren’s Testimonial

After birthing 3 children, and struggling with life’s demands, I wasn’t able to shed the weight as easily as before. I felt overwhelmed, defeated, and exhausted. Intimacy with my husband felt like a chore, my sleep was awful, and I was reliant on antidepressant medication and caffeine all day long.  I was under the impression, that Hormone Replacement Therapy was only for people who had an endocrine dysfunction, and I didn’t fit that scenario.

Dr. VanAntwerp explained that the ranges for hormones are only an average and don’t indicate what’s optimal for the individual. Based on my symptoms and comprehensive lab report, he created a customized treatment plan for me that was tweaked a few times until I felt optimized. He also recommended several different peptide therapies in addition to lifestyle changes to target different complaints that I had. Within 3 months, I was able to successfully come off my anti depressant, I had clarity of thought, I was losing weight, and intimacy with my husband was the best it’s ever been. I’ve been on treatment for 2 years now, lost 50 pounds and I feel the best I ever have!

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