Testosterone Replacement Therapy

We’re asked frequently “Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy reverse Low T symptoms?”

Common Symptoms in Men

Erectile Dysfunction
Reduced Sex Drive (Low T)
Muscle Loss
Weight Gain
Fatigue & Depression

Getting started with TRT MD is simple.

Schedule a consultation

On a brief call, we will answer your questions, and set up an in-office consultation with one of our physicians or nurse practitioners.

Receive a treatment plan

After having bloodwork done, you’ll meet with a physician or nurse practitioner for 60-90 minutes. You’ll discuss your goals and concerns. They’ll review 20+ blood test results to properly evaluate you and create a treatment plan. You can start therapy that day!

Regain your vitality & drive

Most treatments start working within two weeks. You’ll have regular, in-person check-ins with us as long as your testosterone replacement therapy lasts.

Real Client Results

“I was about to just accept “dad bod” as my final version of myself until I was told by a friend that getting my hormones checked them potential fixed could solve my problems. 

I’ve stuck with their recommendations and nutritional advice, I’m 175lbs and feeling better than ever! I’ll recommend TRTMD a thousand times over!

Steve, TRT MD client

Real Client Results

Patrick attributes his new lease on life and his regained manhood to the work of Dr. Ross and TRT MD