Defeat Obesity with an Integrative TRT Weight Loss Plan

Obesity is connected to many health risks, from complex diseases to frustrating conditions which make it difficult to live your life to the fullest. That’s why we provide effective, science-based TRT for weight loss and increased overall health.


  • Increases load on your joints
  • Makes your heart work harder than necessary
  • Wreaks havoc on your metabolism
  • Makes it nearly impossible to control glucose levels
  • Puts you at higher risk for diabetes, heart failure, and cancer.

Invest in TRT Weight Loss Strategies that Last

Schedule a consultation

On a brief call, we will answer your questions, and set up an in-office consultation with one of our physicians.

Receive a treatment plan

After having bloodwork done, you’ll meet with a physician for 60-90 minutes. You’ll discuss your goals and concerns. They’ll review 20+ blood test results to properly evaluate you and create a treatment plan. You can start therapy that day!

Start your medical weight loss

Most treatments start working within two weeks. You’ll have regular, in-person check-ins with us as long as your treatment lasts, to make sure your TRT weight loss treatment is optimized.

Real Client Results

“I was about to just accept “dad bod” as my final version of myself until I was told by a friend that getting my hormones checked them potential fixed could solve my problems. 

I’ve stuck with their recommendations and nutritional advice, I’m 175lbs and feeling better than ever! I’ll recommend TRTMD a thousand times over!

Steve, TRT MD client