Struggling With Grogginess? Testosterone For Brain Fog Can Help

Struggling With Grogginess? Testosterone For Brain Fog Can Help

Did you know that optimism and psychological well being improves heart health? Men with these characteristics tend to live a healthier lifestyle, to be more active, and to avoid negative behaviors. However, men who have Low Testosterone (Low T) levels have a variety of symptoms such as decreased energy, declining cognitive function and brain fog, a diminished interest in exercise and their love life, and experience mood changes that cause a lack of focus and irritability.  It is common for men with low testosterone to experience depression due to the connection between testosterone levels and the brain chemical serotonin which regulates mood and well-being. Decreasing testosterone cause a subsequent loss of serotonin levels.

Another aspect of declining cognitive function and emotional well being is that Low T causes sleep disturbances that further complicate the feeling of well being. Low T is often overlooked in the discussion about sleep problems for men. Men with erectile dysfunction are two times more likely to have sleep apnea. The combination of low testosterone with sleep apnea leads to chronic fatigue, loss of focus, and erectile dysfunction. These symptoms point to the importance of a proper medical workup, diagnosis and treatment.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS: men properly diagnosed with declining cognitive function can explore testosterone for brain fog options. Those treated with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) experience a jump in their sex drive, a boost in their energy level, and an improvement in mood. To get back on track call (410) 844-6654 to find out how Dr. VanAntwerp and the TRTMD Men’s Health Clinic can help. He offers careful clinical evaluation and Hormone Therapy for those experiencing Symptoms of Low T. You do not have to spend one more day wondering HOW to get started towards wellness.

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