Symptoms of Low T / Low Testosterone

Are you worried that you may have low testosterone levels and think you may be experiencing low t symptoms? All around the nation, men are concerned about their testosterone as symptoms continue rising. If you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, it is crucial that you consult a physician. Many treatments can boost your levels and optimize your overall health.

Erectile dysfunction

Not only does testosterone play a role in the male sex drive, but it also directly aids the ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

Low sex drive

Typically, as men age, they have less of a libido. But, men with low T usually experience a drastic decline in their sex drive.

Decreased muscle and bone mass

Testosterone plays a role in building muscle and strengthening bone; men with low T notice a decrease in their muscle mass and have lower bone volume.

Fatigue and poor energy level

Men with levels of low testosterone experience extreme fatigue and a decrease in energy levels.

Increased body fat

Those with low T can develop gynecomastia, or enlarged breast tissue, as well as, an increase in their body fat.

Irritability, depression, and difficulty concentrating

Since testosterone influences body development and other physical processes, men with low T can experience a change in their mood.

Low semen volume

Testosterone plays a crucial role in semen production. Men experiencing low T often have a decrease in the amount of semen during ejaculation.

Body and facial hair loss

While balding is a natural part of aging for many men, those with low T experience balding or loss of body and facial hair at an early age.

The Basics of Low T

Low testosterone or low T is a medical condition where the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone for regular body functions. Men with low testosterone levels causing symptoms such as low energy, muscle loss, a thickening waistline, and a decreased sex drive in many cases experience a reverse in these symptoms when they receive treatment with the care of a physician.

Low T Treatment

Since signs and symptoms of low T are subtle, it’s important to visit with a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. Our board-certified doctor, Dr. Ross VanAntwerp, works with you to find the best way to boost your testosterone levels and optimize your health. Call us at 410-412-3183 or visit our location to speak with him about your testosterone health today!