Mike’s Testosterone & Growth Hormone Therapy Testimonial

"I feel like I have this pit-team taking care of me all the time, all year round. If you're taking your health seriously, that’s important."

Mike is an exec at a construction company, a husband, father of two—and a guy who prides himself on taking care of his health. After years of outperforming guys his age (47), and working hard to keep himself fit and active, he started getting fatigued and winded more easily, and something just felt off. 

His regular doctor and his cardiologist assured him his symptoms were just part of getting older. But he didn’t want to settle for feeling less-than. He knew something else was going on.




Online searches led him to TRT MD. He felt validated by reading the list of symptoms—like he wasn’t the only one experiencing these things. And he hoped someone was finally able to give him a solution. 

“My consultation with TRT MD was an eye opener. I was impressed with the staff, and when I met Dr. VanAntwerp, he blew me away.”  

After Dr. VanAntwerp explained the results of Mike’s bloodwork (which usually consists of 20+ blood tests), he suggested TRT Treatment. 

Mike says treatment is easy, and goes in for bloodwork every three months. 

“I feel like I have this pit-team taking care of me all the time, all year round. If you’re taking your health seriously, that’s important,” said Mike. 

“My life has changed dramatically since starting treatment,” said Mike. 

  • Significant gains at the gym
  • Better sleep
  • Renewed confidence 
  • Improved libido 


“I would advise anyone to do this. At least get checked out.” 

Mike is a great example of how TRTMD’s integrative medicine approach to wellness can offer real results.  Get in touch and see what we can do for you.

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