Restore Your Health & Vitality With Low Testosterone Treatment For Men

Restore Your Health & Vitality With Low Testosterone Treatment For Men

The maxim that men are like wine, the best improve with age is true regarding many aspects of manhood including financial stability, confidence, and wisdom. Unfortunately, this upward curve does not apply to testosterone production. Testosterone (T), a hormone produced in the testes, is involved in almost every aspect of metabolism. Men over 30 produce about one percent less testosterone each year which often leads to erectile dysfunction, decreased sex drive, decreased muscle mass, bone loss, increased body fat, increased blood sugar, high cholesterol, decreased energy, depression, poor sleep and anxiety. A drop in testosterone is called hypogonadism and is commonly called Low T. Many conditions and life circumstances can cause a drop in testosterone, but a specialized, low testosterone treatment for men can reverse these symptoms and improve overall health.

Testosterone metabolism is intertwined with insulin metabolism as well as adrenal and thyroid function. There are numerous causes of low testosterone in men, including chronic stress, chronic pain, inactivity, poor diet, and environmental toxins common to modern life. The onset of low T is so gradual that many men simply chalk symptoms up to getting older. They think their loss of vitality is inevitable, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Testosterone can be replaced in most men after a proper medical evaluation, which includes a history, physical exam, and blood work to determine hormone levels. Special attention is given to rule out a preexisting diagnosis of prostate cancer. Testosterone does not cause prostate cancer, but might accelerate its growth if it were present. Fortunately, a blood test called PSA allows your doctor to evaluate and follow your prostate. The initial assessment should also include thyroid function, cholesterol profile, insulin levels, and growth hormone. These evaluations give the doctor a good picture of your overall health. It also helps to determine the correct hormone levels for your particular needs. A physician with specialized training in testosterone replacement can then rebalance your hormones to restore your vitality and vigor. Visit our FAQ’s to see if TRT is right for you.

Boarded in internal medicine and clinical preventive medicine, our TRT doctor, Dr. Ross VanAntwerp offers low testosterone treatment for men looking to improve their health. Call TRTMD at (410) 844-6654 to find out more.

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