Reclaim your health, sexual capability and gym body. Your journey begins here.

Instead of wasting time researching solutions that don't work, start feeling the best you ever have by visiting our TRT clinic.

Reclaim your health, sexual capability and gym body. Your journey begins here.

Instead of wasting time researching solutions that don't work, start feeling the best you ever have by visiting our TRT clinic.

Most men and women feel a decline in health and sexual function as they get older.

But they’re told that low sex drive, reduced sexual function, weight gain, depressed mood, low energy, low T are just normal parts of aging. We understand how frustrating this is, and we can assure you, you don’t have to accept this as a “new normal”. Visit our TRT clinic to reclaim your prime.

Common Symptoms in Men

Erectile Dysfunction
Reduced Sex Drive (Low T)
Muscle Loss
Weight Gain
Fatigue & Depression

Common Symptoms in Women

Weight Gain
Vaginal Dryness
Decreased Libido
Loss of Muscle Tone

Getting started with TRT MD is simple.

Schedule a consultation

On a brief call, we will answer your questions, and set up an in-office consultation at our TRT clinic with one of our physicians.

Receive a treatment plan

After having bloodwork done, you’ll meet with a physician for 60-90 minutes. You’ll discuss your goals and concerns. They’ll review 20+ blood test results to properly evaluate you and create a treatment plan. You can start therapy that day!

Regain your vitality & drive

Most treatments start working within two weeks. For as long as your treatment lasts, we’ll be here to provide on-call help and proactive check-ins.  


We don’t accept insurance because we provide the best, customized care for our patients. Our incentive is to deeply understand the symptoms and frustrations of each of our patients, and to deliver effective, lasting solutions.

“My goal is to optimize your health by applying the latest advances in medicine to your individual needs. My mission is not to just cure disease but to foster your health. Patients are often surprised to see their blood pressure and blood sugars lower, and see an overall improvement in their health—not just the symptoms they came to us with in the first place.”

Dr. Ross VanAntwerp

Get your erections back immediately-restore sexual function like the college days.

At our integrative medicine practice, we examine your symptoms and underlying causes. Once our patients begin their custom treatment regimens, they typically start seeing benefits within two weeks from when they visited the clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not accept medical insurance at TRT MD. Our skilled staff offer the highest concierge services in the industry. 

TRT is safe when appropriately prescribed and monitored. There is no evidence that testosterone causes cancer, however preexisting prostate cancer may grow faster with TRT. It is very important to have a prostate exam and a serum PSA (prostatic specific antigen) test prior to beginning therapy, and to monitor PSA level and prostate health regularly.

No, Dr. VanAntwerp performs all necessary screening and exams. You will receive an order for comprehensive blood work when you book your consultation. Results will be reviewed at your complimentary history and physical.

Male breast enlargement (gynecomastia) can be a sign of testosterone/estrogen imbalance. Therapy does not reverse the enlargement, but often Laser Assisted Liposuction can correct it very nicely.

Many patients start feeling better within three days. Body composition changes of will transform over several months as your testosterone (T) level is optimally tuned. Dr. VanAntwerp monitors and adjusts medications to optimize dosage of testosterone and supporting medications (Aromatase Inhibitors, hCG, Clomid, etc).

Real Client Results

“Overall, my quality of life just got better. I really say it’s been life changing for me, that’s about the best way I can put it. I would advise anybody that’s dealing with similar symptoms just go get checked out. Let them screen you. You never know, and especially if you’re getting into the upper 40s or your 50s, you have no clue the quality of life that could be better if you’re optimizing your hormones. It’s like taking care of a vehicle the right way. So, I would advise anybody to do it.”

Mike, TRT MD client