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This is how it all starts. If you’re here reading this, you’ve already done most of the leg work. Give us a call and we can hash out some of your specific concerns and make sure TRTMD is right for you.


Blood Draw

We’ll schedule your blood draw as soon as possible. This is a fairly simple procedure; a third party lab will collect 10-12 vials of blood so we can properly evaluate you.



Our doctors will spend 60-90 minutes in consultation with you. They will match your symptoms with your blood work and create a treatment plan. You can start therapy immediately!


Our integrative medicine approach to wellness focuses on body and mind through lifestyle changes and hormonal balancing. You can feel results as early as the first week of treatment. Within 4-6 weeks you can expect your sex hormones to be completely optimized. We’ll assess your progress along the way and make adjustments as needed.

What can you expect from our Programs?

Decreased Body Fat

Increased Libido

Increased Energy & Elevated Mood

More Muscle Mass & Strength

Increased Longevity

Improved Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

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Overall, my quality of life just got better. I really say it’s been life changing for me, that’s about the best way I can put it. I would advise anybody that’s dealing with similar symptoms just go get checked out. Let them screen you. You never know, and especially if you’re getting in the into the upper 40s or your 50s, you have no clue the quality of life that could be better if you’re optimizing your hormones. It’s like taking care of a vehicle the right way. So, I would advise anybody to do it.

– Mike

I came to TRTMD in search of solutions for my weight loss, no libido, and lack of energy. As a young 26 year old woman it has been frustrating fighting off my extra weight for years and feeling like I’m dragging my feet every day with no desire for anything (including sex).

I met with Dr. Ross Van Antwerp at TRTMD where he took the time to draw all types of necessary blood work and carefully explained the different options I had in order to feel alive and happy again with myself!

– Sandra

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