Hormone Therapy and Integrative Medicine

Hormone Therapy and Integrative Medicine

Hormone replacement therapy isn’t about becoming macho or a “manly man”; it is only a part of the larger integrative medicine mission of TRT MD. Yes, TRT can help increase libido and physical strength, but it can do so much more than that.

Patrick Brink is a living testament to this statement.

Meet Patrick

Patrick is a lifetime athlete and 12 year wrestling veteran. In his mid-30s, he began to notice a decline in his physical strength, recovery time, and ability to fall asleep at night. He tried seeing doctors about this, and while they did diagnose Patrick with having unbalanced hormone levels, they did not indicate why they were low or how it could be helped.

Overcoming his own reluctancy about talking to another man about his possible low testosterone, Patrick took the first step and talked to Dr. Ross about what was going on. Dr. Ross immediately gained Patrick’s trusts after he saw the results of the blood work. It was much more comprehensive and more elucidatory than his family doctor’s work-up.

The Benefits of Hormone Therapy

After being diagnosed with low-T, he started his hormone therapy. Over the course of the initial hormone adjustment, Patrick saw the effects take shape quickly:

  • Better work outs
  • Increased strength gains
  • Increased libido
  • Decreased daily fatigue
  • Increased focused and mental acuity
  • Rebooted healing of old injuries

Now, while continuing his journey with testosterone therapy and integrative medicine, Patrick is feeling like he is 25 again.

Patrick attributes his new lease on life and his regained manhood to the work of Dr. Ross and TRT MD

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